Welcome to the summer course in Kuchary 6-13 July 2014.

This year we will have meditation sessions and lectures of Diamond Way teachers from Poland and abroad: Marta Gyoergy-Kessler (Germany), Zsuzsa Koszegi (Hungary), Karolina Pospisilova (Czech Republic), Tommy Bogs (Denmark), Tomek Lehnert (Denmark/Poland) and many Polish Diamondway Teachers.

General programme:

6-9 July – part 1

Lectures and meditation sessions led by Polish and foreign Diamondway Teachers. The meting will start Sunday 6 July with an evening lecture and finish with the meditation session 9 July.

9-13 July – part 2

The second part of the course will start with an evening lecture 9 July. In the next days we will have meditation sessions, explanations to practice and lectures by several Diamondway Teachers, three times a day.

See you in Kuchary!